Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Debut Authors Bash 2016

Debut Authors Bash 2016 

Hello Everyone! I am so thankful for being able to be part of the Debut Authors Bash again this year! Please make sure you check out the other pages to see all of these wonderful authors that are part of this! 
I was lucky enough to interview Tricia Clasen; the author of the (soon to be) 'The Haunted House Project'! 

Tricia Clasen: 

Make sure you check out her newest book 'The Haunted House Project' on September 6th, 2016! I know I will be getting it the day it comes out!!

 Here is an interview with Tricia Clasen about her upcoming book:

 1) Have you always wanted to be a writer? Why?

 I have always loved escaping into a good story whether it was movies, television, or my beloved books.  I think because I loved reading other people’s stories, I naturally dreamed of writing my own.  I can remember being certain that I was going to be an author, and putting it at the top of every goal list I ever made.  Still, I never actually wrote anything until about five years ago.

2) How did you come up with the concept for 'The Haunted House Project'?

As parents, I think we all ponder the "what ifs".  That was really the spark for this.  I originally thought I was going to be writing about Paige, the older sister, and had envisioned a young adult story with her finding the way to bind her family together, but I kept coming back to Andie and what she would do get everyone's attention.  Middle-graders can be both so innocent and so savvy at the same time which really opened up the idea of haunting her dad and sister.

I suppose this is based on my fear as a mother that no matter what might happen to me, I’d want my family to have happy and productive lives.

3) Did anything from the book actually come from your real life?

Nothing in the story is exactly “real” but certainly, there are characterizations and situations that are reflective of my life and the people it.  I think I’ll let them figure it out!

4) Please give us some insight to your main character Andie - What (in your eyes) does Andie do that is so special to you?

The average middle-schooler is worried about homework and maybe their Snapchat streak. Andie has been dealing with heavy issues--death, addiction, and money troubles.  She struggles to manage middle-school friend politics as well.  She’s afraid and she’s lonely, but instead of wallowing, she continues to try new avenues, which is what leads her to the haunted house project.  I love that she never gives up hope, never stops trying.  Even if she doesn’t always make the best decisions, her heart is definitely in the right place.  

5) Do you believe in the paranormal? Any stories?

It’s probably terrible that I don’t, right?  I’m sure I had my moments as a kid when I would hear strange sounds in the house, but I’m generally not a believer.  

6) If there was someone going through the same thing as Andie, What would you say to them if you could?

First off, I’d want to hug the heck out of that kid.  Mostly, I’d want him or her focus on three H’s:  “help, hope, and happier”.  This is tough stuff, and it’s not likely any kid can get through these kinds of issues alone.  Andie doesn’t.  She could definitely have found additional adults to help her as well.  I believe there is always hope in every situation.  Time doesn’t heal, and it doesn’t end pain, and when you’re dealing with major issues and depression, you may think you’ll never be happy again. I think it’s okay to honor that and to have hope that you will be happier than you are in that moment.  

7) I am extremely excited to read this book so I have to know- is this going to be a series or a stand alone?

Yay!  I’m glad it seems interesting to you.  It’s a stand alone. 

8) While writing this book, are there any secrets, secret meanings or funny stories that happened? Wither to you or within the book?

I can’t think of anything specifically while writing the book, though I admit I had some fun searching for examples of paranormal activity on Reddit.

One sort of funny story that came later, though is that a picture showed up on my Facebook wall and my mouth dropped open because I swore he was Isaiah, Andie’s best friend.  It was a story about this kind of geeky kid on the Humans of New York page, everything about this kid screamed Isaiah, and I immediately sent the link to my agent and editor, and now I reference that picture for inspiration.

9) What is your favorite quote? Either from the book or in general or both?

From the book:  In a flashback, Andie asks her mom why she kept trying to sew even though she was horrible at it.  Her mom answers, ““I always ask myself what I’d regret more,” she told me, “wasting time trying or never trying at all. In the end, the answer’s always the same. It’s worth it to try.”

I think everything Andie does shows how much she internalized that message from her mom.

10) What is the main thing you would like the readers to come away with?

Besides those three H’s, I think this story highlights my views on the power of perception.  No one sees the whole picture of person or situation.  It creates miscommunication and allows us to ignore potentially important information about each other.  I’d like us all to take a little more time, be a little more observant, be a little more willing to acknowledge our faults.

Hope you guys enjoyed the interview and are going to look up the book! I cannot wait until it comes out! I will be doing a review of it as soon as it comes out! 

Enjoy and keep reading!