Sunday, April 12, 2015

Wish I could rant!!

There has been so many times I wish I could just rant to you all but then I feel like no one will like me...or want to read this!
I'm done with trying to make sure everyones happy...I am going to read what I want and when I want. If you all dont like that and want to read reviews about books that are newer than stick with me because I will get to them sometime!

I do love you all and hope you stick with me!

Thursday, April 9, 2015

What to escape reality?

When I was younger I was always the kid that used to stay inside and read instead of going outside and playing with everyone else. I also had a hard childhood because of some unfortunate events. I was born and grew up in Indiana so I never even knew anything about LGBTQ or even what a lesbian or gay was so I was so confused moving to Connecticut and hearing about it. I never really had anyone to talk to about it because I didn’t know what I wanted/needed to talk about. One of the greatest things I found when I was very young was that I had a way to escape reality. Reading! Ever since I could read I always read – anything I could! I could sit down and read for hours on end because it helped me forget what was happening in reality! Of course the real world is still going on – there’s no way to change that but you can at least not think about it and enter the fantastic world that is made up of the letters on the page. My favorite thing to do was to find a good book and just let my mind fly free. Once I started figuring out about my sexuality LGBT books helped me with how to think or how to handle things. They made me actually know that I was normal no matter what anyone had to say to me. This is what I personally want to have for others. I have been buying a lot of books lately, yes because I want them but more because I want to have some type of library for the safe house. I want to give those people, no matter how old or young they are, a chance to escape reality and for even just ten minutes, not worry about not being right or good enough or the hurt they are going through. In my eyes books helped me throughout my years of growing into the person I am today. So all I really have to say is how important it is to read, it can do wonders for your intelligence and your emotional intelligence. 

  Listen – I just told you how important books are so why are you still sitting here?? Go Read! J
Love you all and always remember to smile!!
       Kat Wells (co-founder of Pride Space)

Under appreciated YA books

There are so many YA series that not many people have heard a lot about. It seems like YA books are so popular these days that everyone has read all the new ones but when there is so much hype for a book a whole bunch kind of fly through under the radar. Of course every book has at least one person out there that loves it so here are five of the littler known books/series.

1) Noughts and Crosses series by Malorie Blackman  - This book takes what we know and flips it to the total other side. Historical events are written from a different perspective. As an example; in this book the whole race issue is the opposite way.

2) Chicken soup for the Soul books - I can remember these books were huge when I was in elementary school and high school.  These books seemed good for about a couple of reads but they quickly got boring. It kind of seemed like they were all the same stories. It seems like they are underrated because there are so many and one for every single issue out there.

3) The Mysterious Benedict Society by Trenton Lee Stewart - These books are great for any age; from kids, teenagers, and even adults. This series is underrated because it's one of those books that if no one tells you about it then you won't know about it. The characters seem like everyday people that we can relate to so it seems dull in a way. Now a days people what to read about all these different types of people and situations that could never happen!

4) Shatter me series by Tareheh Mafi - When this book first came out there was so much hype about it that everyone was so excited to read it. Once people read it there were some things that some people didn't like but it was still a good book. Because it wasn't the biggest book out at the time all of the other books in the series were not really anticipated and because of that it has gone unnoticed now.

5) The Time Quintet by Madeleine L'Engle - I am sure you guys are wondering why this series is on here but most people these days do not even know that there was more than one book in the series. The first book is a classic but the rest of them are hardly ever mentioned. It seems to me that maybe the first book is not underrated but the rest of the series is!

These books are some that many people don't really know or have not heard all the hype about them. I believe that you all should go and look for these books and read them. I challenge you all to do this - go and read these books then tell at least five people about them. Maybe we can get them into the reading circles again!

Some new books! :)

Hey Everyone!!
So I guess I have been getting a lot more books lately then I can probably read but... I have a system so no need to judge me!
I love getting all these books and will not be shamed because of having so many! I don't think I should have to say sorry about having/getting so many books. We all love reading so I am just going to get whatever I want and read whatever I want.
Most of what I am reading is older books that almost everyone has read already but oh well; I am starting to read them all and get up on what everyone already knows!

Here's a tiny haul that I got today:
Thought it would be a nice to put it here instead of youtube :)

1) Princess Diaries By Meg Cabot - Yes I have seen all of the movies but...theres a lot in the series so I thought I would finally read all the books

2) The Real Simple guide to real life: adulthood made easy by Noelle Howey - I have already finished it and it was super cute. It was a good, easy read about things that are kind of hard to think of because you are never taught them at school. A lot of good advice in this book!

3) Little peach by Peggy Kern - This is a new book, just came out recently. It is about a girl who's mother dies and she moves to NYC. Once shes there she finds a man who looks like a great business man that says he will help her. Come to find out; she get involved into a child prostitution ring. It sounds like such an interesting read - I don't think there has been many books like this!

4) Disney at dawn by Ridley Pearson - This is the second book in the Kingdom Keepers series. These books are about a group of kids that go to Disney after its closed and fight off the villains of Disney. I have not started the series but I know I will love them!!

Those were the books that I got today, I can't wait to read them and put some reviews up! If there is any books that you see here or on my youtube page ( that you would like me to review or do a book talk then please let me know! You can comment here, my youtube page or email me personally. (

Thanks Book Nerds!!

Kat :)