Thursday, May 21, 2015

Library Lovers Tag!

Hey guys - I did this tag over on my Youtube page so thought I would add my answers here!  Go check out my channel for the video!

Library Lovers Tag! 

1) How often do you visit your local library?  - I go almost everyday!! Obviously it depends on how much gas we have or time to go anywhere but I go to the one closest to me whenever I can and the main library downtown about every 2 or 3 weeks! Its kind of sad when the library staff knows you by name because your there that much! 

2) Do you check out more books than you can read or only get a few? - Even though I know I cannot read them all in time I totally get more than I can read but; I do have a system so that they are never late but I can keep them in my pile. :) 

3) How old were you when you got your first library card? - I believe I was in middle school. I am not sure of exactly what age but I know I was young!

4) Do you go looking for a certain book or do you just pick up whatever looks good? - I do both! There are some times that I go because there are some books (new and old) that I have on my list to pick up but then I have no control of my life and I always find other books I want to pick up just by looking around.

5) Do you just check out books or more? - It depends on which library I go to but most of the time I check out books, movies/tv shows and cds. Sarah sometimes checks out video games too.

6) What section do you get the most books in? - Most of my books come from YA but I do check out and get books from almost every section; Ya, Adult, Childrens and Nonfiction.

7) Whats your favorite part of the library? - The library is the most amazing thing in my life. I believe the best part of the library is something so simple as the library app because I love being able to see what I have out, being able to renew whenever I want to and have things on hold! It can make somethings really simple!

I loved this tag because the library is so special to me!! I would love to hear your answers so comment, share and like this post and the video once it gets on my channel!

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