Friday, May 15, 2015

May Photo Challenge

May Photo Challenge -

Hey guys!! This is the new book photo challenge on Instagram (go follow me - lovsingdance) so I thought I would include you all in my photos/the ones I find/what I say!

Love you all and would love to see what your photos would be!!

Day 1) May TBR - So I am reading some buddy reads and review books -
                            Paper towns by John Green
                            The devil I know by Trish Doller
                            The Cemetery Boys by Heather Brewer
                            Triangles by Ellen Hopkins

Day 2) Best book read in April - In Real Life by Cory Doctorow & Jen Wang
                                           In Real Life             

Day 3) Blue books -  

Day 4) Book with a snack -always gotta be healthy!


Day 5) Fave book to movie - The Fault in our stars
                         Image result for fault in our stars book to movie

Day 6) Chapter 6 - Didn't have a picture of the book I'm reading now lol
                             Image result for chapter 6

Day 7) Fave fictional Characters - Totally Blair and Serena from Gossip Girl!
                                              Image result for blair and serena

Day 8) Unfinished Series - Still finishing The Program series...
                       Image result for the program series

Day 9) Fave Trilogy - I haven't finished most trilogies but this is one of the best I have read!
                                        Image result for crank series

Day 10) Books with shoes - I love my books to much to put shoes on them so heres the best cover with a shoe! Cinder!
                                                Image result for cinder

Day 11) Books of fave genre - I love mystery! And this is one of my fave authors!
                                                       Sleeping Beauty

Day 12) Currently Reading - The Cemetery Boys by Heather Brewer

Day 13) Fave Romantic Book - Landline by Rainbow Rowell

Day 14) Book of fave author - Sing you home by Jodi Picoult

Day 15) Books and Coffee - Great drink for reading!!
                                               Image result for books and coffee

Day 16) Books and Flowers - Best picture!
                          Image result for books and flowers

There is the first half of the month!! So I will be adding the rest of the month tomorrow! Watch out for that!!

Thanks for reading!!! Go pick up a book!!

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