Saturday, July 13, 2013

Lovin Life!

Hey Readers -

 I'm not sure if you know but I am on vacation until the 16th. I have been down here in Florida since the 6th. I was in Lehigh Acres for a week and didn't really like it (for many reasons) so my parents loved me enough to take the 3 hour trip up to Orlando to our timeshare at the Hilton Honors Resort Club! This is what I had wanted all along.
If you would like me to do a vacation blog post all about that and with pictures I will, just comment below!

I have done a lot of reading, I will be finishing my 4th book and starting my 5th one tonight. I had brought 8 with me and then of course ended up buying a shit ton! I have to put them all in a whole other suitcase.
I finally found a 'Books-a-Million'!!!! I have heard all of you booktubers talking about this great store and finally saw one and had to stop! I fell in love the minute I walked in. I bought a lot there including some Big Bang Theory things because I just had to.
Of course I will put a whole big blog post of all the books i got and some new reviews but for right now i want to enjoy my vacation :)

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