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Book Review: Amelia Anne is Dead and Gone by Kat Rosenfield

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Book Review: 
Amelia Anne is Dead and Gone
By: Kat Rosenfield

General Information:
Title- Amelia Anne is Dead and Gone
Author- Kat Rosenfield
Copyright date – 2012
Genre – Young Adult
Pages - 279
Price - $17.99
ISBN – 978-0-525-42389-8

Synopsis: “Becca has always longed to break free. Free from her backwater hometown. Free from its small-town gossip and dead-end lives. But the horrifying discovery of a dead body—an outsider, Amelia Anne, battered and broken—on the morning after graduation sends Becca into an unexpected tailspin. As the violence of the real world creeps close to home, Becca retreats, paralyzed from moving forward for the first time in her life. The details of Amelia Anne’s final, harrowing moments play out against Becca’s own out-of-control summer as Becca’s and Amelia’s parallel stories twist the reader closer and closer to the horrifying truth in this emotionally arresting, sexy, and raw debut from dazzling new talent Kat Rosenfield.”

Cover- The cover is very original and nicely done! Very simple but actually works for the book at the same time. I am totally in love with it!

Point of view- This is written in the point of view from both Becca and Amelia Anne. I liked that they would switch the narration between them every other couple of chapters. It was a good tie in to see a little back story to Amelia Anne. It’s important when the whole book is supposed to be about how their two stories intertwine.

Intended audience- The audience is the young adults but it seemed to be more geared towards older teens but not entirely new adult.

Author style- Some of the great things about her style was that she has a lot of originality with the plot of her story; the moving between worlds has been used a lot though. One part of her writing that I didn’t like was that almost all of her male characters were not good people. But in all I really liked her writing style and it seemed to flow very nicely. The only thing I think she could have done better was to somehow show us when the time periods changed like with a different font or something.

Characters – These characters were all very naive and didn’t really seem to grow throughout the book. Becca seemed to be in her own world the whole time and not really sure of herself. Like I have said before the male characters were all horrible people – I didn’t like any of them one bit! I would have loved to see more character development by the end of the book.

Plot – Its starts off great; makes you really not want to put it down but I found that as I read on it got to a point where it really slowed down. I felt like it was very slow moving and nothing happened for a long time then by the end I was in love with it again.  The prologue was one of the best starting points in a book that I have seen in a while, it started off really strong. Another part of the plot that was great was when they found Amelia’s body and the vocab throughout the book; “Breakable bones, the tiny phalanges and brittle carpals, splayed and splintered in the gravel.”

Setting- In a tiny town called Bridgeton where everyone knows everyone else. It is a very ‘clique’ kind of town; wither you are in or out of the people of the town. Having the stress of this really hurt Becca and gave her a lot of inner turmoil.

My Opinion- I believe that this book had a great beginning and great ending, the middle could have been a little bit more. The only reason I say this is because it seemed like the book came to a point where there was nothing really going on and some of the little things would have been able to be deleted and still been great. The vocab was amazing although and described everything within the book extremely well. When I first started this book I never thought it would end the way it did. The journey it took to get to the ending was one of the best I have been on in a while. It did feel like the story within ‘Amelia Anne’s’ chapters was much more interesting.

Quotes - I have learned that knowing where you’re going means remembering where you’ve been. I’m not afraid of what lurks behind me, or ahead.
Kat Rosenfield, Amelia Anne is Dead and Gone
My heart- which had always yearned for a bigger life, which had always been in love with leaving- would lead me away from him when the time came
Amelia Anne Is Dead and Gone by Kat Rosenfield

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