Thursday, November 19, 2015

Would you rather? Booktube Edition!

Hey Everyone!!

Thought I would give a little break from the reviews and do some Would you rather...
Make it the Booktube version though :) 

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Would you Rather? Book Edition

1) Read only trilogies or stand-alones? 

This one is not that hard for me...I love the trilogies because then the books have enough time to say everything they need to but I would totally pick stand-alones because then I don't have to wait for the new ones to come out or worry about reading 3 books when I can know the whole story in one. 

2) Read only female or male authors?

I don't know if I can answer this because it doesn't matter who the author is. Honestly half the time I am reading the book I don't even know if it's a man or a woman until the end and I see their picture. 

3) Shop at Barnes & Nobel or Amazon?

This is such an easy question for me. I will go and shop at Barnes & Nobel any day! I would rather go and be able to look around and find so much then have to look up what I want. Yes it can be easier to shop on amazon because it would be in your own home but you would miss out on the experence of going into the store. 

4) All books to become movies or tv shows?

This one is really hard!! I love both tv shows and movies and I can see the positive side to both because movies are always amazing but then tv shows go on for months so I would have these amazing shows for a long time. If I had to pick one I would have to pick movies because it seems like the movies come out so much better than the shows. 

5) Read 5 pages a day or 5 books a week?

Even though I would love to be able to read 5 books a week I would totally rather only read 5 pages a day so that I could actually retain some of what I'm reading. 

6) Be a professional reviewer or an author?

I would rather be a reviewer because I love having conversations with other people about books. I know I could being an author but I wouldn't be out there as much as I would if I was a reviewer. It makes me happy to be able to read a book and talk to people about it. 

7) Only read your top 20 books over and over again or only read books you have never read before?

OMG another horrible question that I cannot answer. Even thought I wouldn't be a reader without some of my favorites I would have to say I'd read only new books because I feel like I would get annoyed with only having those 20 books to read. 

8) Be a librarian or a bookseller? 

Well, I am going back to school to become a librarian so I guess I would have to pick that. But it would be amazing to be a bookseller. I have visions of being Ellen on The Ellen Show because her shop was so cute. 

9) Only read your favorite genre or the opposite?

This one is super easy! Of course I would read my favorite genre. If I got the choice why would I ever read something I hate over something I love. 

10) Only read hardbacks or only e-readers?

I hate hardbacks....but I hate e-readers so much more. I would totally take hardbacks because then at least it would be a physical book in my hands that won't die like an e-reader. 

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