Thursday, April 9, 2015

What to escape reality?

When I was younger I was always the kid that used to stay inside and read instead of going outside and playing with everyone else. I also had a hard childhood because of some unfortunate events. I was born and grew up in Indiana so I never even knew anything about LGBTQ or even what a lesbian or gay was so I was so confused moving to Connecticut and hearing about it. I never really had anyone to talk to about it because I didn’t know what I wanted/needed to talk about. One of the greatest things I found when I was very young was that I had a way to escape reality. Reading! Ever since I could read I always read – anything I could! I could sit down and read for hours on end because it helped me forget what was happening in reality! Of course the real world is still going on – there’s no way to change that but you can at least not think about it and enter the fantastic world that is made up of the letters on the page. My favorite thing to do was to find a good book and just let my mind fly free. Once I started figuring out about my sexuality LGBT books helped me with how to think or how to handle things. They made me actually know that I was normal no matter what anyone had to say to me. This is what I personally want to have for others. I have been buying a lot of books lately, yes because I want them but more because I want to have some type of library for the safe house. I want to give those people, no matter how old or young they are, a chance to escape reality and for even just ten minutes, not worry about not being right or good enough or the hurt they are going through. In my eyes books helped me throughout my years of growing into the person I am today. So all I really have to say is how important it is to read, it can do wonders for your intelligence and your emotional intelligence. 

  Listen – I just told you how important books are so why are you still sitting here?? Go Read! J
Love you all and always remember to smile!!
       Kat Wells (co-founder of Pride Space)

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