Thursday, April 9, 2015

Some new books! :)

Hey Everyone!!
So I guess I have been getting a lot more books lately then I can probably read but... I have a system so no need to judge me!
I love getting all these books and will not be shamed because of having so many! I don't think I should have to say sorry about having/getting so many books. We all love reading so I am just going to get whatever I want and read whatever I want.
Most of what I am reading is older books that almost everyone has read already but oh well; I am starting to read them all and get up on what everyone already knows!

Here's a tiny haul that I got today:
Thought it would be a nice to put it here instead of youtube :)

1) Princess Diaries By Meg Cabot - Yes I have seen all of the movies but...theres a lot in the series so I thought I would finally read all the books

2) The Real Simple guide to real life: adulthood made easy by Noelle Howey - I have already finished it and it was super cute. It was a good, easy read about things that are kind of hard to think of because you are never taught them at school. A lot of good advice in this book!

3) Little peach by Peggy Kern - This is a new book, just came out recently. It is about a girl who's mother dies and she moves to NYC. Once shes there she finds a man who looks like a great business man that says he will help her. Come to find out; she get involved into a child prostitution ring. It sounds like such an interesting read - I don't think there has been many books like this!

4) Disney at dawn by Ridley Pearson - This is the second book in the Kingdom Keepers series. These books are about a group of kids that go to Disney after its closed and fight off the villains of Disney. I have not started the series but I know I will love them!!

Those were the books that I got today, I can't wait to read them and put some reviews up! If there is any books that you see here or on my youtube page ( that you would like me to review or do a book talk then please let me know! You can comment here, my youtube page or email me personally. (

Thanks Book Nerds!!

Kat :)

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