Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Feeling Blue While Reading

Hey Everyone!!

 So it's around 5 am here and I can't sleep. All I can do is lay here; listen to my fiance snoring, one of my dogs breathing really loud and the other one having a dream while kicking me.
I was trying to think of some sort of schedule I could do for my YouTube channel - if you don't know this I do YouTube videos about books too... youtube.com/kwells7788. I am really serious about getting back into this even though I only have one friend supporting me.

I don't want to sound negitive because I am trying to get it all out of my life but there are some downsides to coming back to book blogging and vlogging.

1) I am so out of the loop so other than my amazing friend Dylan (youtube.com/dmfriend26), I have no friends on there. It kind of sucks when everyone has been on and going for a while now so they have all their groups and best friends. Ughhh it feels like high school again...

2) I have been off of reading for like ever!! I love reading but for a while I wasn't reading because of the move and being to busy so I am kinda getting back into it. This means that all those really good popular books that everyone has already read and reviewed are the books I am getting out of the library now.
I guess I am just going to be the late person and review books that everyone has already read. Hopefully I can read some newer ones in between or catch up some how.  Wish me luck I guess.

3) My camera has regressed. I used to be super good at editing and making my videos actually look professional but since the move I have to retrain myself how to edit. Also since the move I had to put so much stuff on this computer so there is no room for videos.

I guess life is just hard right now and I don't know if people will still watch and support me when things are going so down hill for me right now.

Guess you all have to look out and see...maybe give me some advice too!

Love you all... see you in the next video


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